The main purpose of this letter is generating efficient Python solutions. By efficient we mean code that is fast and with a small memory footprint.

We will be mostly concentrated on using Numba - a JIT compiler that translates Python into fast machine code.

As an example I will be using a Numba/Python based Ray tracer based on the wonderful Ray Tracing in one weekend by the great Peter Shirley. But remember, the main point is not the ray tracer, but writing efficient Python code with Numba

Sometimes there will be side topics like:

  • Comments about Python programming in General

  • GPU programming

  • Scientific programming

  • Other development related topics

I have a book, published by Manning, on writing efficient Python, it’s called Fast Python. The book covers a lot of content on writing efficient Python (Numba is actually a side topic there).

For more details about me, check my web page.

Moderation guidelines

To avoid disappointment please read the following guidelines carefully.

The point of moderation is to ensure a maximum level of signal to noise ratio. This will be aggressively enforced.

The preferred comments are: “succinct constructive criticism with content presented in a civilized and well reasoned manner”.

Here are examples of content and how I will deal with it


  • “I think you got a few things wrong. [followed by a couple of paragraphs of civilized and reasoned arguments]” - This is very welcome! Thanks for taking the time

  • “You are spot on. [followed by a couple of paragraphs of substantial new content on why you agree]” - Many thanks for this

  • “While the content is great, your presentation and writing style has problems. [Followed by a few suggestions]” - Again, this is very appreciated.


  • “I think you got a few things wrong. [followed by three pages of civilized and reasoned arguments” - This will probably be OK - though I would encourage you to write it in your own space and maybe just add a comment with a link, like: “I think you got a few things wrong, you can find my rebuttal at [URL}'“


  • “This is a great post” [No reasons offered] - will be deleted, no content.

  • “I think you are wrong” [No reasons offered] - will be deleted, no content.

  • Ad hominem attacks, propaganda, …

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Tiago Antao

"So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance" - Franklin Delano Roosevelt